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« A collection of jewels born from the marriage of great French cooking & high technology. »

Each season reveals a new collection of original flavours...
Like a fashion designer, William Windys conceives his creations with high quality raw materials and elaborates treasures with surprising savours, colours, and textures.
Today, Saveurs Cristal is addressed to the following markets: distributors, top-of-the-range delicatessens, restorants, hotels, export.

The convenient side

This process of deep freezing (10 minutes with nitrogen, approx. -196°C) makes it possible to keep intact the cellular structure and avoids the degradation and the formation of crystals of ice which deteriorate the structure and the maintenance of the product. Thus, savours, colours and textures are preserved.

You can refer to the part "Produits" to see all our collection: canapés, brochettes, mini-chauds, and nouveautés

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