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Our history

Since 2005, Saveurs Cristal has been proposing top-of-the-line products thanks to its enthusiastic staff, who work in a wholesome atmosphere, both in human and sanitary terms.

Founder-Manager then CEO of Saveurs Cristal for over 13 years, William Windys has specialized in the creation of high-end, festive deep-frozen products.

William innovates, creates and imagines sophisticated products with high value-added. He is assisted by Christophe, his head of production, who orchestrates the production with his team of preparers and cooks, and by Jean-Christophe, the quality manager, responsible for quality, health and safety, from raw materials to finished products.
William Windys has put in place a Research & Development Department that is innovative, creative and ever more imaginative when it comes to developing high value-added products in compliance with IFS certifications.

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