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Our know how



Constantly on the lookout for ideas to improve the presentation of his products, William Windys wanted to create new stands to embellish buffets for receptions and ceremonies, by creating a brochette in the shape of the Eiffel Tower and a so-called "vertical brochette".

Innovation 2019, the Cubic’Chou development of a choux pastry square with different flavours of sweet and savoury creams.

A la pointe de la technologie,
pensé pour vous.

The advantages of our offers

Deep Freezing

To keep all the organoleptic qualities of the product and guarantee long preservation (12 months at -18°C). Savours, colours and textures are preserved in this way.

When defrosting at a positive, controlled temperature, the nitrogen evaporates and the product is just as if it came straight from the kitchen.

Our packaging

Preserve products, simplify transport, enable optimum storage and guarantee rapid and attractive presentation.

These platters are covered with thermoformed blisters, keeping each piece in place, then film wrapped, placed in white boxes before being grouped in American boxes and finally palletized. So the transport and storage in no way alters the display and delicacy of the products and it only takes two hours to go from packaged product to ready-to-serve product.

Clear & precise guarantees

Quality, health & safety

Clear and precise answers about our products, for a cross-satisfaction of suppliers to customers. Saveur Cristal is responsible for protecting the health and interests of consumers!

Our logistics

All the practical information is labelled on the outer and/or inner packaging (batch number, product code, best before date, end-use conditions, etc.). Additional information such as allergens, microbiological characteristics, weight, etc. is mentioned on the technical data sheets, which will be sent to you on request.

The Quality Department is at your disposal for any further information about listed products, deliveries, delivery times and volumes.

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